Mare Safety supplies a range of products, in which the largest segments are MOB-Boats and galleys, The company which was established in 2000 with 2 employees and it now has 15 employees and has exceeded 100 mill NOK turnover. Mare Safety delivers worldwide, and has delivered 400 complete galleys, and close to 320 MOB-Boats since its establishment.

Mare Safety have developed, produced and equipped a number of specialized rescue boats and rescue crafts. All of the company's models are designed to comply with the most recent SOLAS standards. Our boats are often recognized by it's primary use of the colour yellow, as opposed to most MOB-Boats which are orange in colour.
GTC 900 SAR   MARE 700 FRB
MARE GTC 900-2VD Redundant   MARE MSDC 12

Complete Galleys




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